About Me


Hi! My name is Thomas or Tom for short.

I’m based in Australia, and currently work as a DevOps engineer touching Linux & AWS.

My job is mostly solving interesting problems, mentoring others, and writing scripts/automations so myself and others spend less time doing mundane things.

I’ve been programming since I was a kid writing Batch, and websites in HTML & PHP.

The first language I spent a lot of time learning was Pawn, which had C-like syntax, before moving onto learning Python 2.

Now days I enjoy doing things in TypeScript, Python & Bash. I’ve been using Node since Node 4 and enjoyed watching JavaScript/ECMAScript mature over time.

I have a keen interest in reverse-engineering, and using this skill to make things do things they’re not supposed to do, or building wrappers around things to make them nicer to interact with.

I previously worked on SteamLevels.com as the main developer before working full-time. Now days I try my best to make sure it’s running OK.

Most of my personal projects are on my GitHub. I try to put as much things there as possible.

In my personal time I also listen to music, watch lots of movies, go to the gym, game, work on my dotfiles, or learn about new tech.

As for where jfx came from, I thought it looked aesthetically pleasing and cool, so I used it one day and it’s stuck ever since.

This website

This website is written in Hugo and is designed to be as light as possible (with minimal JavaScript!). I’m still undecided on the site’s design, so I’ve gone with the most plain thing possible (maybe too plain!) and I’ll build it up.

The source code is available here.

If I don’t have time to write a blog post but want people to know about something, I’ve probably published a public note! See notes.jfx.ac for my public notes.